Bacterium (DVD Review)

I’m going to be honest with you, my inner Beavis was already writing the review for this masterpiece before I watched the flick, just based on the awesome cover. It started something like this: “Mutant alien space-spores rule! THEY RULE!!!” Luckily for me, my inner Beavis often gets a swift kick in the nuts and I shall instead start this review by pointing out more eloquently that mutant alien space-spores do, in fact, rule, but perhaps more to the point this low-budget drive-in green slime orgy hits everything that I love about the shamefully small genre of biohazard-mutant virus-teen jeopardy shock cinema. It also is quite possibly the best movie I’ve seen yet from Shock-O-Rama cinema, not because of its rampant and self-aware badness (and there’s plenty of that… come on, look who you’re talkin’ to) but because of the deftness with which it treats its action sequences, and the general skill applied to the campy scripting and quick pacing.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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