Broken (DVD Review)

The debut adult feature directed by guitar legend Dave Navarro, Broken is actually quite a shocker. I know he’s all famous and cool and everything, but the last thing I expected from Dave Navarro was a porn flick that is as intense, edgy, and artsy-fartsy as what I would expect from, say, the guitarist from Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Imagine my shock when I not only got that but a porno movie that, in its hardcore sensibilities, is also fairly coherent, that sought-after and rarely experienced quality in porn.

The short version: Broken is an intense vignette-styled porn flick, heavily stylized and evoking the atmosphere of some other Teravision releases like those from Ethan Kane or Axel Braun (see Stimula, below). Broken follows (more or less) the adventures of nameless Sasha Grey as she fucks tricks, shoots heroin, and stumbles onto chaotic porn movies where her rampant and aggressive sexuality drives both cast and crew to start fucking in an explosion of complete anarchy. There’s some humor, but it’s kind of anti-humor; when Tommy Gunn shows up as the pizza guy, Navarro is ridiculing the tendency of porn to ridicule itself… it’s all very meta, but not so pompously so that it loses its sense of fun.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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