Flawless (DVD Review)

Flawless (Teravision)

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue, Flawless is a clever crime thriller with some exceedingly random moments which make it not the slam dunk it oughta be. Luckily, it’s porn, so no one gives a fuck. Just fast-forward when I tell you to.

At the outset of Flawless, the immensely famous Tera Patrick is a featured guest on morning talk TV for the sole purpose of showing off the rock on her finger — seems she’s gotten engaged to one of the world’s richest men, and he’s given her the biggest diamond mined in the last 30 years. The show’s hilarious drag-queen hostess (Jackie Beat) cracks wise on Tera’s manly hands and whore status — this scene features the kind of adorable comic drag queen moments that oughta be in every porn video.

The plot really thickens when a diamond-draped supervillainess spots the rock and hires bad guy Spyder Jonez to relieve Tera of her prized mineral. Coldcocking the photographer who’s been hired to create some pix of Tera with her new diamond ring, Jonez takes his place, bangs Tera (wouldn’t you?), and palms the trinket. After cheatin’ Tera takes a trip home with her old BFF, who not incidentally wants to foot-fuck her silly to celebrate her engagement, the two girls get themselves some prime model tang while Jonez calls his client and lets her know that the goods are in his possession. She responds by banging two of her servant fuckboys (wouldn’t you?).

Read more at Eros Zine.


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