Girl in 6c (DVD Review)

Charlotte (Carmen Hart) is a spunky Southern college girl who pays an unannounced visit to her brother Keith (Tommy Gunn, barely legal himself). Unfortunately for her, Keith’s on his way out of town on a business trip. He leaves Charlotte in the capable hands of his best friend (Eric Masterson), who refuses to bang her no matter how hard she begs. (Charlotte, you see, is a slut). He does, however, have impure thoughts about her. After he takes her out for a nice dinner and abandons her halfway through when she won’t take no for an answer, she satisfies herself with her waiter (Charles Dera) in the kitchen while the chefs watch. The next morning, when her shower doesn’t work, the building handyman (Randy Spears) gets a free show and a free fuck in return for promptly fixing the shower. The buiilding’s doorman, who Keith talked into “taking care” of Charlotte while she’s in town, interprets that to mean hook her up with a trip to a live sex show where Marco Banderas assfucks Trina Michaels onstage. Charlotte, meanwhile, starts blowing guys in the audience… what part of “Take care of my sister while I’m out of town” means “pimp her out to a blow bang?”

Read more at Eros Zine.


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