Girls and Corpses: An Interview with Robert Steven Rhine


Girls and Corpses is kind of like Maxim Magazine meets Dawn of the Dead,” you’re told in metatag shorthand if you Google the phrase — and nothing could better summarize this freaky, funky, tongue-in-cheek fusion of lad mags with softcore zombie porn. A slick, hilarious evisceration of innocuous newsstand fare, G&C lures gore freaks and sex nerds alike to caress its glossy pages with such promised features as “Better Tombs and Gardens,” “Celebrity Queefing,” “Thanksgiving Enemas,” “Porn Star Recipes,” “Pilgrims Gone Wild” and “Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Sex Tape!” It’s two parts male bonding, six parts gratuitous B-movie weirdness, twelve or so parts satire and about eighteen parts inspired gonzo freakout. With girls. And — need I mention it? — corpses.

Eros Zine sent Funeral Party editor and film writer Shade Rupe to chat with G&C creator Robert Steven Rhine, the cracked genius behind Girls and Corpses.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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