I Pass for Human (DVD Review)

Written and directed by Chris D. of seminal LA punk rock band The Flesh Eaters, it concerns Jane, an Angeleno mourning the loss of her overdosed lover Dax. She hooks up with Rick, another junkie who’s having trouble staying clean and sober. Tempted by her grief, Jane tries heroin for the first time and suddenly sees a bunch of zombie vampire ghost type thingies. Turns out Rick is also seeing his late girlfriend Azami and her dead drug dealer Samantha. As Jane uses more and more dope, she starts seeing more zombie-ghosts desperate to feed off of her, and starts to crack under the strain; mass carnage cannot be far off.

Unlike most of the other movies on this list, I Pass for Human is not good, clean dirty fun. It is a subversive, dangerous use of the B-movie to look at the experience and metaphor of drug addiction, with a big helping of death woven throughout. Though it’s very much a B-movie, it’s put together with magnificent skill, with music woven throughout from J.G. Thirlwell and Lydia Lunch, creating exactly the kind of creepy mood that evokes real life horrors and gets at the heart of what zombies, ghosts and vampires are all about — not to mention the heart of what heroin is all about. It’s fucked up, scary, and emotionally devastating. Don’t watch this to get your partner all worked up for some transgressive banging, though you may want to engage in some self-destructive behavior afterwards. Eight chainsaws and not really any vibrators, but great steaming helpings of counterculture street cred.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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