Out of Control (DVD Review)

Out of Control (Penthouse Films)

The Penthouse empire is currently undergoing a serious re-vamping, the magazine being re-imagined under the guidance of a new hip young management, or something — at least, that’s what I hear, and it’s pretty obvious from reading the magazine. Attemping to give flagging lad mags a run for their money, Penthouse is being largely successful, tweaking their selection of Pets and giving the mag an overall new look and a hyped-up editorial feel.

Penthouse films is going to the same direction, with the hipper-than-hip Out of Control, with which they’re shockingingly more successful than I ever could have expected. Out of Control is a feature with a story that makes sense, freaky as that is; it’s almost unheard of, and it’s actually pretty weird that Out of Control is narrative, clever and hot all at the same time.

The flick starts with newcomer Riley Shy playing a secretary who discovers her much older boss in the supply closet getting a blowjob from Adriana Nicole. The boss asks her to give Adriana a ride home, and after she drops her off, her car runs out of gas in a bad neighborhood and she discovers she forgot her purse at the office — no cell phone, no money, no nothing. Ooops. In a takeoff on the Scorcese classic After Hours, she stumbles into a gothy, pervy nightclub where popmetal band Uriah is playing. She makes her way to the bathroom where she’s insulted by drag queens who don’t approve of her outfit; then she’s trapped in the stall as Marie Luv and Jezebelle Bond come in and start some hardcore, rough kinky lesbo sex with spanking, choking, and more. Riley watches it all, but things get even dicier when she’s forced to hide there as Marie’s boyfriend comes in.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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