Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend (Event Review)

Byron Knight’s review of the legendary Skin Two Rubber Ball:

Ahh, traveling halfway around the world from Los Angeles to London for the 16th annual Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend can make a guy have some high expectations. The last and only other time that I attended the Rubber Ball was 6 years ago in 2001. I really loved that last event, it was amazing. One of the best-dressed crowds at any fetish event I had ever attended. Now I’m back for round two from Skin Two.

London is not only a wonderful city to visit; it is a place where you can get caught up in the fast pace of how this city moves. I guess the locals must cope with the cost of this very expensive city by moving twice as fast. It’s not laid-back, sunny southern California here. Very little here is laid back. This must be why they take their fetish scene seriously.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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