Deviations On a Theme

Since she first hit the scene in 1976 NYC, Lydia Lunch has continued to live her life and art in what she calls a “salon mentality,” collaborating with a dizzying array of artists in just about every conceivable medium. Deviations on a Theme surveys her 30-year career, making it sort of a “Best Of,” or a “Greatest Hits,” sort of like “John Denver’s 20 Greatest Hits” or “The Best of Pat Boone.”

If you think I’m writing that with a straight face, perhaps I should add a few emoticons, except they don’t make ’em for the kind of freaked-out confluence of vicious love and tender hate Lunch evokes in her listeners. More importantly, Deviations on a Theme is put together like anything but a Best Of; far from being some slapped-together compilation, it’s a tightly-woven tapestry of some of Lunch’s most audacious musical explorations curated by the artist herself in the form of brief spoken-word segments between songs.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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