Lydia Lunch: Hangover Hotel Tour

With her Hangover Hotel tour, Lydia Lunch sets out to once again conquer the New World after two years in Spain. At bookstores, Lunch will be performing material from her 1997 book Paradoxia, which has only now been released in the US. Of the Hangover Hotel nightclub performances proper, she says: “I’ll be doing material from this new self-produced record called Ghost of Spain. It’s psychoambient music, it’s about sex, the desert, ghosts. A bit about the war, and just about trying to find beauty in all this — trying to relocate. I’ll be using music that is psychoambient but has a slightly gentler undercurrent. Of course there’s still some haranguing — every time I open my mouth it’s going to get to that point. But I’m trying to paint a slightly different patina on this. I’m excited to be doing this show — it’s the debut of this material.”


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