M. Christian

If you read short erotica in book form — gay, straight, bi, queer, trans, mixed or just about anything else — you’ve read a story by M. Christian. As one of the English-speaking world’s most widely-published authors of erotic fiction, he’s seen his short stories in literally hundreds of anthologies. But he’s also known as an author of science fiction, fantasy and horror, most recently with his gay San Francisco vampire mystery The Very Bloody Marys. Though he’s straight, he writes some of the hottest and filthiest gay — and lesbian — erotica around, as well as telling the gay coming of age story (as in Marys) with moving inspiration, proving that the erotocreative impulse is nature’s guaranteed genderfuck, a font of imaginative subversion that crosses, blurs and at times obliterates all gender and orientation lines.

As if that weren’t enough, Christian, Chris to his friends, also blogs extensively and writes uproarious articles about weird history, science and the arts, exploring a list of obsessions that ranges from robots to Japanese culture to classic film to spy novels and Victorian crime fiction, publishing hundreds of articles in addition to his fiction output. If any writer out there can keep up with M. Christian, I’m betting they sport a chrome skeleton and radionuclide power source crammed up their ass.

We caught up with Chris for a long-overdue chat about writing, sex, history, death, and perversion.

Read More at Eros Zine.


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