Pink Steel: Out at the Devil

 There is a wind blowing from Bremen, Germany; it has more umlauts than you can count and it wants to suck your boyfriend’s dick.

“Out at the Devil,” the debut album from New York glammetal hairrockers Pink Stëël is a balls-out assault on heteronormative spooge-rock, tearing into the mise-en-scene of Motley Crüe and Poison with eight inches of love and a 33-and-a-half-inch guitar scale, both with your name on it, baby.

I have, as you might guess, been around the block. As a longtime music reviewer for, I reviewed hundreds of bands with names like Spaztic Pustule Eruption and Death is My Love, My Love, My Love. I’ve heard it all — cryptohomo guitar-blowjob glamrock crossed with Swedish ambient-industrial, a Napalm Death-style all-midget Tom Jones cover band; an opera singer who gets fisted onstage while singing “The Magic Flute;” nothing can shock me and most of it doesn’t even get a raised eyebrow let alone a “Dude, did he just say that?”

But the world of Pink Stëël is the totally unexpected pileup of perhaps the three most obvious four-beer-queers who have spent the last forty years spoiling for a drunken threeway while pretending they’re just taking a “wide stance”: hair metal, fagrock and glam-drag burlesque.

Read More at Eros Zine.


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