Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Show, NYC

Surely you don’t require a tutorial in the sordid ways of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School? Having begun its corrupt debauchment of conurbations worldwide by sleazing up New York (kind of a gimme), this rampant rendezvous of ravishment has moved on to purvey its own sordid brand of pastel-smudged skullduggery in the artistic communities of more than two dozen cities. Essentially a burlesque-flavored artistic salon and life drawing session with enormous quantities of liquor and bizarre costumes inspired by anything from Marie Antoinette to Allan Quatermain to Jurassic Park, Dr. Sketchy’s has become a phenomenon, fueling artistic development in the developmental and, perhaps more importantly, encouraging them to fall down.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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