The Greatest SodoMania Scenes Evar!!! (DVD Review)

What can one say about the Sodomania series? Conceived in the early ’90s, this porn series took a vignette format and fulfilled all the expectations that porn could muster back in those days. It is far from the Golden Age, and yet viewed today it has a bizarre dated sense about it that makes it as entertaining as some of the strangest nudie loops from the ’60s. In fact, Sodomania is even stranger and therefore cooler than a lot of so-called “vintage” porn, because the early ’90s were a time of experimentation for erotic video. As the “vignette” idea developed, Sodomania was there, making it happen, making it weird.  The short version: You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Sean Michaels say to Peter North over the writhing and twisting body of a sweetheart being mutually enjoyed by the both of them: “Hey, Bob, you don’t mind if I slap your wife on the ass a little, you don’t mind, do you Bob?” and North respond jauntily: “No, Dick — go ahead!”

Read more at Eros Zine.


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