Bree Olson (Interview & Pictorial)

In just over a year in the porn industry, Bree Olson has appeared in close to a hundred adult films. The very embodiment of the girl next door esthetic, the busty blonde has drawn plenty of notice and recruited a legion of devoted fans. She’s more than just a pretty face and a good body, however; onscreen, she’s smolderingly sensual and uninhibited in her eroticism. If her fun and frolicsome appearances in Glam Trash or My Imaginary Life or Lord of Asses 9 don’t convince you, then surely her extreme and playfully kinky side, showcased in Red Light District’s Fetish Ball 2 and Digital Playground’s Filth Cums First, most certainly will.

In September, Adam & Eve announced that she was their newest contract star; she’ll be featured in twelve films for them starting with the crime film Heist and Bree’s College Daze, both out in early 2008.

We spoke with the twenty-one-year-old starlet just before she left for Hungary to shoot her newest film for Adam & Eve, an international thriller costarring her and Ava Rose.


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