Girl Talk (DVD Review)

dvdreviews010808-03.jpgGirl Talk is a clever parody of “Sex and the City” with extra emphasis on the “sex” part. In it, newly single sex columnist Kirsten Price hangs out with her bitchy and clueless, but strangely likeable, friends, narrating the tale of their sexual adventures as they look for love or at least self esteem. Melanie, publisher of Girl Talk Magazine, for which Kristen writes a column; Jennifer is a clueless porn star, a business school grad and compulsive toenail picker. Charlie is a sweet but insecure nude dancer with OCD — she takes ten showers in a typical day. Sitting around at their local bar and shit-talking has them grousing about their lousy sex lives and how they all want to be happy.

Read More at Eros Zine.


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