Ian Hunter: Glam Rock Lives!


 Too spazzed out to sleep, I just ran across 68-year-old former Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter performing on Craig Ferguson‘s ultralate show. He played the clever and rockin’ old Mott tune “All the Way From Memphis” and was remarkably good; all the best ’50s-ish elements I loved about the early ’70s glammy bands, at once drowning in excess and stripped-down to rock ‘n’ roll’s artistic basics, kind of a latter-day R&B reload in the way the Brits always seemed to do the best. I don’t usually expect to stumble across that shit on television; it was a pleasant surprise in a sea of vegging after an all too weird few days.

In case you don’t know, Mott the Hoople was a glam-rock band from the early ’70s era; Mott’s last guitarist, Mick Ronson, was David Bowie’s guitarist in the Spiders from Mars. Ronson famously got an onstage guitarjob in a cryptohomo spank to Hendrix’s onstage antics. Hunter was the lead singer and keyboardist of Mott; I liked their “All the Young Dudes” album when I was young, in roughly the same period as my Bowie/Iggy/Lou Reed obsession that, apparently, Todd Haynes shared. The title song of “Dudes” was penned by Bowie, and on it the band also covered the legendary VU tune “Sweet Jane.” The latter was the first song I ever learned to play on guitar.

Glam rock lives!!

Image via Wikipedia.


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