Merc (DVD Review)

merc.jpgAt first glance, Justin Slayer’s Merc appears to be an urban crime thriller similar to Black Worm, which I loved. Well, Merc is not like Black Worm; the style of storytelling couldn’t be more different. Where Black Worm was a porn adaptation of the ’70s-era crime saga, Merc is cinema-verite, early-90s gangsta porn.

The story of rising playa “Slick” (played by Slayer) is told largely in voiceover, while the sex scenes showcase a steamy mix of urban settings, amazingly hot women of varying ethnicities, and moody, intense lighting.

…I have mixed feelings about Merc. I loved the narrative portions; the storyline is hard-edged, urban as fuck and seriously hardcore. Not in the porn sense but in the street sense; this is dangerous edgy crime fiction. Any shortcomings in the actors are dealt with by the fact that dialogue is described, not delivered, in a masterful performance by Slayer; the burden of the storytelling is placed on the visuals and on Slayer. And the sex… it’s awesome, artfully constructed, beautifully lit, deconstructive in the way it fucks with visual conventions and with attention to detail. Merc has a hell of a lot to recommend it.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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