Three Weeks in India (Sexual Intelligence)

sexualintelligence010808-01.jpgDr. Marty Klein reports on three weeks in India, covering a number of topics in the sexual life of Indian culture.

“I recently made a 3-week trip to India (click here to see my travel blog), so here are some observations on gender and male-female relations.

* First, it really matters which India we’re talking about — Muslim, Sikh, Kerala, tribal, etc.. For example, most women here in the south are so liberated, even Catholics use birth control; in Orissa, by contrast, a friendly adolescent girl said I couldn’t take her photo because “my husband wouldn’t like it.”

* Regardless of location, though, India remains a sexually conservative country. Clothes don’t reveal women’s bodies. This seems normal after just a short while here, and then any Western woman wearing a revealing top or exposing her legs looks dramatically provocative.

* Couples simply do not hold hands in public. This is made even more obvious by the fact that women hold hands with their girl pals/cousins, and men hold hands with their male chums/cousins. One never sees couples of any age kissing or even nuzzling.”

Read more at Eros Zine.


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