Twisted Vision 6 (DVD Review)

twistedvision1.jpg“Vignette” erotica is an area that porn, weirdly, doesn’t explore that much. It’s kinda strange, because the short-story format, with minimal setup offering a useful framework for our fantasies, is a time-honored method of sexual stimulation. Here in the Twisted Vision series, that’s exactly what happens, with short scenarios created around common fantasies.

…The Twisted Vision series is raunchy, nasty, and very taboo. It’s one of the few series that actually uses role playing in something like a real context… these aren’t exactly full-blown vignettes, more like the kind of dopey role play that an actual real-life couple would engage in. Weird, isn’t it? The participants are porn stars, sure, but it’s actually kind of a working course in geeky role playing. Rock on.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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