links for 2008-04-09

  • Lawyers for George Lucas’ Lucasfilm Ltd. and a British prop designer faced off in London’s High Court Tuesday over rights to the molded white Stormtrooper uniforms from the “Star Wars” films.
    (tags: scifi)
  • The birthplace of the Web, Cern, which is based near Geneva, is now busy working on “the grid” that boasts speeds nearly 10,000 times faster than a typical Broadband connection, and that may soon render the Web obsolete.
    (tags: tech)
  • Best-selling author Mary Roach made a name for herself by exploring the secret lives of cadavers (in her book Stiff) and science’s fascination with the supernatural (in Spook). Now, she’s turned to the often-wacky researchers who are obsessed by exactly w
    (tags: sex books)
  • An elementary school event in which kids are encouraged to dress as the opposite sex sparks outrage.
  • Think you might escape the aftereffects of a limited nuclear war that happens on the other side of the globe from you? Think again.
    (tags: apocalypse)
  • Corporate Goth is a familiar expression in East Coast cities where people tend to separate their playtime from their workdays.
    (tags: goth)
  • We are not quite sure about juice boxes for wine. It is very popular in Italy, and Three Thieves Bandit wine from California is purported to be better for the environment than bottled wine. Certainly it costs less to transport- “the wine industry is stuck
    (tags: liquor)
  • I’ve written about writer/director/producer Sean Abley’s Socket movie here before, when it first hit the festival circuit. Now the movie is out on DVD and available from TLA Video.
    (tags: movies)
  • Like many things in the greater green sphere, living off the grid — that is, without reliance on public utilities for things like electricity and water — has jumped into national prominence over the past few years; if Daryl Hannah is doing it, we should
    (tags: environment)

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