Two Freaky News Items

Nazi-era singer returns to stage
A 104-year-old Dutch cabaret singer who once performed in Nazi Germany has given a concert in the Netherlands for the first time in four decades.
There were protests and tight security around the theatre in Amersfoort where Johannes Heesters appeared.

Although Heesters insists he never espoused Nazi politics, he performed for Adolf Hitler and visited the Dachau concentration camp.

Correspondents say many Dutch people have never forgiven him.

Much, much scarier:


Kosovo MPs proclaim independence
Albanian and American flags have been on prominent displayKosovo’s parliament has unanimously endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia, in an historic session.

The declaration, read by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo would be a democratic country that respected the rights of all ethnic communities.

But Serbia’s PM denounced the US for helping create a “false state” and protesters in Belgrade later pelted the US embassy with stones.

The US and a number of EU countries are expected to recognise Kosovo on Monday.

Before that, the UN Security Council is expected to convene on Sunday evening in an emergency meeting demanded by Serbia’s ally, Russia.

Know how Russia has been threatening to target Ukraine with nukes if it joins NATO? Remember the reports of Russian FSB connection to the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko? Remember Alexander Litvinenko, whom the Russians didn’t poison — nah, they would just never ever do that?

Know that war between Russia and NATO that’s been brewing? You know that imminent global thermonuclear apocalypse?

Oh, sorry, that was just a nightmare I fell asleep while reading European history. Thanks, Balkans.


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