links for 2008-04-23

  • A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that researchers can track grey matter for the patterns that precede careless errors. Apparently there’s a a detectable activity shift when your brain switches to auto pilo
  • Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia written by volunteers, is to be published in Germany as a book for people who prefer turning pages to clicking links, publishing multinational Random House said Tuesday. Editors will distil 50,000 of the most popular en
    (tags: books)
  • A Japanese oil tanker and a Spanish fishing boat are the latest victims of raids in the dangerous waters off Somalia and the Arabian Peninsula.
    (tags: pirates)
  • Bibliodyssey posted a bunch of fantastic Will Eisner covers from The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, a magazine for US Army mechanics. Will Eisner is best known as the creator of The Spirit.
    (tags: comics)
  • A “genetically distinct” virus that causes bleeding and shock has killed at least one man in a remote part of Bolivia. The highly deadly organism appears to be carried by rodents, according to a report released in the Public Library of Science journal PLo
    (tags: medicine)
  • A new European law designed to protect employees from damaging noise conditions has imposed several cumbersome regulations on classical musicians and, in respect of the long-suffering Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, rendered at least one planned perfor
    (tags: music)
  • gollum123 notes an extensive article from the NYTimes on the evidence that the military, since the time of the buildup to the Iraq war, has been manipulating the military analysts that are ubiquitous on TV and radio news programs, in a protracted campaign
    (tags: weaponry)
  • NSF-funded researchers at UMass Amherst just completed the first direct conversion from cellulose using a new method of hydrocarbon refining, which they claim can be commercialized within 5-10 years and essentially make fuel out of anything that grows. Qu
    (tags: environment)
  • She may be cute, but the latest top model to make her debut in Vogue is also podgy with short legs and whiskers.
    (tags: fashion)

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