Ici, Claremont

Ici, Claremont

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I avoid Berkeley when I can, but three things tempt me there with some regularity. First, they have an awesome library system; second, the burritos at Gordo’s kick ass, and driving across the bay to hit Gordo’s other locations in SF just seems like bullshit to me, so I brave Berkeley for that. I try to consolidate them into one trip when possible.

It is more difficult to resist the Berkeley pull since Ici opened — Ici Ice Cream in Claremont, at College & Ashby… man, it kicks ass. It is this fruity yuppie fine-art locally-grown artisan snooty upper crust aristocratic pretentious ice cream store and the ice cream is AWESOME. Yesterday Pony Girl had the Buttermilk flavor and Meyer Lemon; just to be extra fruity I had the Honey Lavender and the Coffee Cardamon. Very occasionally, living the yupass good life sorta rocks.


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