In 4/20 Related News

Following my Sunday post on 4/20 about 420, I encountered a story yesterday morning on my new favorite radio station, KCBS All News 740. Yes, yes, I’ve been listening to AM Radio lately, since I finally managed to overdose on NPR — one too many stories about organic fingerpainting. Anyway, the KCBS story I enjoyed so much concerned a 4/20 celebration at my old alma mater.

The interesting thing about KCBS is that while it reports news from the early 21st century, it is in fact reporting the future TO the future — from the past, specifically the mid-20th century. Something about the weird lo-fi AM sound, the odd break music, the smarmy announcers, and the weirdly retro commercials for diabetes supplies and aluminum siding all just sorta say “1950s Americana.”

No wonder, then, that when KCBS reported on the fact that pot smokers had gathered at UC Santa Cruz in a 4/20 celebration, they did so with bizarre credulity and downright awe, even using the word “marijuana” more than once.

Apparently the cops were all over the place. When the reporter asked a celebrant if the police presence would change what he did, the guy just giggled maniacally, giggled some more, giggled for a while, giggled and said “Uh, huh huh, No.”

The best part? Though this celebration almost certainly occurred, like the event represented below, on the “Porter” Meadow, it was reported by KCBS as happening on the “Potter” Meadow. KCBS also helpfully informed me that 4/20 celebrations have been covered by such publications as “The Rolling Stone” and “You Tube.”

Thanks for the pot news, Grampa!

420 Celebration: Wikipedia. Killer Drug, too.


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