Weird Old Dude Points Finger, Teaches Email Marketing


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Somehow — probably through a GMail text ad — I ended up at this site, This is truly one of the weirdest online ads I have ever seen, which is really saying something. In the first place, what’s with the old dude? Is he the guy who’s going to teach me how to be a badass email marketer, or the crotchety old SOB who sends you pissed-off emails demanding that you buy his quack cure for arthritis made of colloidal silver and yak pubes, or just some weird old dude in general?

Perhaps more importantly, look down toward the bottom of this image… what exactly does a dungeon have to do with any of this? I know that could be a gate in the abstract, like a gate to enter the land of Marketing hoo-hah or WTF ever… but no, I think it’s a dungeon. If that dude is going to torture me in a dungeon, count me the fuck out.

Check it out for yourself.


One Response to “Weird Old Dude Points Finger, Teaches Email Marketing”

  1. Little Tart Says:

    I think it is Dave Thomas’ angry ghost.

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