Somali Pirates Free Spanish Crew

Jolly Roger

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Jollly Roger from Wikipedia.

From CNN:

The crew of a Spanish fishing boat seized by pirates last week off the coast of Somalia has been freed, officials said Saturday, and the boat was being escorted to the Seychelles Islands.

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, deputy prime minister of Spain, said at a news conference that all 26 crew members of the Playa de Bakio are being brought to safety.

She said the tuna boat “has been liberated” and was navigating on its own, headed toward the Seychelles escorted by a Spanish naval frigate. The crew, de la Vega said, is in “perfect condition.”

The boat was seized Sunday. On Monday, Spanish state radio RNE reported that the pirates had demanded a ransom payment for the release of the crew.

Asked Saturday whether a ransom was paid, de la Vega said, “I can’t give you details.” But she said the “kidnappers” abandoned the boat, allowing it to sail away with the frigate.


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