Love in the Dark

Edison Carbon Bulb by Terren

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Treehugger, lobbying for a switch to compact fluorescents, quotes the following dubious statistic:

17 percent surveyed by Sylvania would skip sex if they didn’t have to change a lightbulb for over ten years.

We’re no fans of abstinence campaigns, but okay you other 83% percent, it’s not a lot to ask to help out with things environmental. To tell the truth, no sacrifice is required — you can have your green lovin’ and not have change your lightbulb too,

I read the whole post and still haven’t the faintest idea what lightbulbs have to do with sex, unless it’s that 83% of people like to fuck with the lights out, and that 17% don’t understand WTF Sylvania is talking about.

Light bulb by Terren, from Wikipedia.


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