Roberto Saviano in the National Post

Roberto Saviano by Piero Tasso

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Very interesting article in the National Post about Italian author Roberto Savino:

“Roberto Saviano, the embattled Italian author of a sensational expose of the calamitous world of the Camorra, the Mafia of Naples, stares with darkly brooding eyes but flashes a mischievous smile when asked what Canada means to the mobsters in his neighbourhood.

“‘I’ll answer the way a Camorrista would say it: ‘Canada is a country full of forests’ — meaning it is a country where it is easy to hide — ‘and it is a place where it is easy to invest. It is our place.’

“It is with an accepting sense of irony that Mr. Saviano says one of the world’s most bloodthirsty and rapacious criminal organizations eyes our country as a safe haven because it is he, a best-selling author and respected journalist, that requires an armed escort, not only at home in Italy but as he arrived yesterday in Toronto….

“Mr. Saviano, 28, has been dubbed the Salman Rushdie of Italy…. When Mr. Saviano’s book, Gomorrah (the title is provocative wordplay on the name of the Camorra and the eponymous biblical city of wickedness) was released in Italy in 2006, it hit with the clatter and punch of a Kalashnikov rifle.”

Read More Here.

Photo: Robert Savino, by Piero Tasso, from Wikipedia.


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