The Cheeseman Sells Dirt to the Big Dig

Howie Carr
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Howie Carr in the Boston Herald writes about the case of Carmen DiNunzio, aka The Cheeseman, a Boston gangster who’s on trial for trying to sell dirt to the Big Dig (yeah, you read that right).

Like many true crime writers, Carr feels the need to lay vast amounts of abuse on his subject, who happens to be a bit on the large side:

For the FBI, bringing down the Cheeseman was like shooting fish in a barrel….A very, very fat fish, that is. He weighs 400 pounds, this don of doughnuts, this king of the mozzarella mob. And Carmen DiNunzio can’t keep his bleepin’ mouth shut, any more than he can keep his pants from falling down around his 66-inch waist.

Yesterday, the feds released more information about the arrest of the 50-year-old moron formerly known as the Big Cheese, now the Cheeseman. And you can stick a fork in the Boston Mafia, because it’s all done.

Whether that’s true I have no real sense… but it’s always fascinated me how many writers need to go on about how disgusting, stupid and, well, criminal Mafia figures are… all while kinda half-boasting about their Mob knowledge and connections, as Carr does in this article when he writes of “A retired wiseguy I know.”

UPDATE: More abuse is heaped on the Cheeseman elsewhere in the Herald by Laurel J. Sweet, in a story about an unusual request:

Boston’s once legendary La Cosa Nostra – which for years struck fear in Hub hearts as its hit men painted the town red with blood – sank to a sorry new low yesterday with the Mob’s 400-pound reputed underboss’ pathetic plea for a jail cell with a super-sized toilet.

Whether or not you’re pro mobster… I think it seems kinda lame for “journalists” to be hurling abuse at the bad guys.

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