Bernardo Provenzano and the Sicilian Mafia

In the Telegraph I found a review of Claire Longrigg’s book on Sicilian mob moss Bernardo Provenzano, Boss of Bosses: How Bernardo Provenzano Saved the Mafia:

“The story of how a Sicilian Mafia boss remained on the run for 43 years is an extraordinary one. The fact that he spent most of that time right under the noses of Italian authorities in and around Palermo and his hometown of Corleone raises profound questions about the complicity of the Italian state and Sicilian society.

“He was convicted in absentia of 127 killings. His biggest crimes, the murders of anti-Mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, took place in 1992, yet another 14 years passed before his capture.”

Read more.

Image: Bernardo Provenzano in 1959, aged 26, from Wikipedia.


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