Family Ties in Irving, TX

From CBS-11 News in Dallas I get this report of the bust in Irving, Texas of a company with alleged ties to the Scarfo family. Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo was the head of the Philadelphia family of the Mafia during its bloodiest period in the 1980s, and was the subject or a main player in a couple of very good true crime books by writer George Anastasia. Scarfo is still in prison, elegible for release in 2033 (when he will be 104).

His son, Nicky, Jr., was almost killed in 1989 by a gunman wearing a Batman mask.

“CBS 11 News has learned that FBI agents have searched an Irving business with alleged ties to east coast Mafia families.

“On its website, First Plus Financial Group describes itself as a company that provides financial and management services to both consumer and commercial businesses. However, according to a search warrant obtained by CBS 11 News, the FBI is investigating if the Irving company has ties to the Mafia.

“CBS 11 News has learned that FBI agents went to First Plus Financial Group’s offices along Highway 114 in Irving on Thursday. In the search warrant, agents were instructed to seize records from 43 individuals and companies. On the top of the list is First Plus Financial Group itself.

“Also named in the search warrant are Nicky Scarfo, Sr. and his son, Nicky Scarfo, Jr. The senior, nicknamed ‘Little Nicky,’ was the notorious mob boss of Philadelphia in the 1980s. The 79-year-old is currently in prison for racketeering and murder.”


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