Boston Mobster’s Bid for House Arrest

Boston Mobster’s Bid for House Arrest

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More DiNunzio-related fun at the Boston Herald, in a story detailing what alleged mobster Carmen "The Cheeseman" DiNunzio will agree to in order to secure house arrest rather than stay in the big house.

"’What a Mother’s Day!’ DiNunzio’s heartbroken 70-year-old mom Anna exclaimed from behind a closed door yesterday. But she declined to comment on her son’s latest arrest and bid for freedom.

"In a two-page conditional release proposal filed by his defense attorney Anthony Cardinale, DiNunzio volunteers to:

* Conduct no non-cheese-related business in the North End.
* Travel only to his “Fresh Cheese” shop in the North End, court hearings, meetings with lawyers and medical emergencies.
* Be tethered to a GPS anklet from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. daily at his home in East Boston.
* Consent to random searches of his home by the FBI and the installation of a pen register (a device that records telephone numbers dialed) and/or telephone trap (a device that records the numbers of incoming calls).
* Agree to a “no association” list of names drawn up by prosecutors – people with whom he must have no contact.
* Post $20,000 cash bail, plus a personal surety bond of $200,000."

I’m always fascinated by the legal details of mobster trials. What’s more, since I hate leaving the house, I look upon the idea of house arrest with what is probably an ill-advised eagerness, an enthusiasm for the concept that I hope will never be sufficient to make me do crimes.

While there are plenty of cheesy puns in this story, it remains mercifully free of abuse over DiNunzio’s weight. Not so with Howie Carr‘s latest column, in which he asserts that the death blow to the Boston mob (a branch of the venerable Patriarca Crime Family, also known as "The Office" — no I’m not making that up) was dealt by the great seasons played by the Red Sox and the Patriots.

Says Carr:

"Oh sure, there were other factors, like the rats Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi, and the local FBI, when its agents weren’t taking payoffs from the above-mentioned non-Mafia gangsters. Then there was white flight and the birth dearth, not to mention cocaine, which decimated hoods by the score.

"But the final coup de grace came from the recent winning seasons of the local teams. Carmen “the Cheeseman” DiNunzio and his sad-sack crew relied on bookies for most of their income, and local bookies have had a bad run lately, a very bad run."

….“I am thinking of filing a class-action lawsuit,” one local attorney said Friday, “on behalf of the New England Mafia, against the Patriots and the Red Sox, for winning too much and destroying the business.”

Actual cheese via Wikipedia.


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