The Russian Mob in Goa

The Russian Mob in Goa

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Interesting piece on South Asia’s English-language Times Now site about the influence of the Russian mafia in Goa, a resort town famous for its gorgeous beaches and spacey trance music.

"As the increasing number of drug deaths among Russians increase, TIMES NOW’s correspondent Aditi Sharma mounts a special investigation to solve the mystery of the growing influence of russian drug mafia in Goa.

"A Russian national — 48 year old Andrey Dmitriev — was found dead under mysterious circumstances last Sunday. The police were quick to pass it off as a heart attack. But soon enough, the truth came tumbling out. Initial reports ruled out a cardiac arrest, hinting at the possibility of a drug overdose. In 2007, at the same hotel — where this Russian nationale was residing, another Russian — 35 year olf Cheron Sergey — was found dead. The cause of the death was Metabolite Morphine or Heroin that was found in his blood stream along with high levels of alcohol.

"Both deaths now recorded as mysterious, the case files have hardly moved further and Mumbai police has few answers. Despite repeated attempts, the police are refusing to divulge details, but its apparent that there is intense pressure to get to the root of the case.

"However, TIMES NOW decided to take the investigation further across the country from Mumbai following the link to Goa, where an older, as yet unsolved case is becoming a matter of diplomatic debate. An alleged Russian undercover agent — 25 year old Evgeny Kuzmin — was found dead in North Goa in December 2007."

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