Coyote Attacks in San Francisco

Coyote – Sequoia National Park

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From SFGate comes a story about coyote attacks in San Francisco:

“Corinne Keating remembers screaming. On Friday morning, she was taking her morning run through the Presidio as she has four or five times a week over the past two years, accompanied by her husband, a friend and her yellow Labrador, Winston.

“Without warning, a coyote rushed out of the underbrush and attacked Winston, leaping on the 80-pound dog’s back.

“‘I screamed so loud,’ Keating recalled. ‘I never thought he would attack us. I just couldn’t believe it.’

“The coyotes of San Francisco have been a hot topic since July, when a pair that attacked a dog in Golden Gate Park was shot and killed. That action prompted public pandemonium at the time, but since then, the general feeling seems to be that the problem had been addressed.

“But now it appears the coyotes in Golden Gate Park were only the beginning of a much larger trend. Presidio residents say the coyotes near their homes are increasingly unafraid of humans and confronting neighborhood dogs.”

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