Martian Language Heats Up Among Chinese Teens

Martian Language Heats Up Among Chinese Teens

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‘Do you know what ‘3Q’ means? How about ‘Orz’ or ‘= =’? Believe it or not, this so-called ‘Martian Language’ has become a hit among teenagers in China.

‘An online survey showed that 80 percent of Chinese teenagers aged 15 to 20 are using Martian Language. Out of a class of 50 in a middle school in south China’s Guangzhou city, 70 percent were crazy about the ‘Martin Language,’ according to the local newspaper, Information Times.

‘The ‘Martian Language’ is a term used to describe words in the Chinese speaking cyberspace that are not commonly recognized. The words are a combination of English letters, Chinese characters, Internet slang and symbols. The language first became popular in Taiwan in 2004, and then spread to the mainland in 2007.’

Image: CIA World Factbook.

Item via LittleTart


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