Apocalyptic Fun With Peak Everything

Apocalyptic Fun With Peak Everything

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Great apocalyptic stuff over at Treehugger, reposted from Planet Green:

‘Why is everything running out at the same time? We did a series on Planet Green where we looked at why those basic things that we take for granted, like water, food and fuel are getting expensive and scarce, all at once.’

My favorite part? “Peak Metal” —

‘They just built a new soccer stadium in Toronto, Canada, with lovely aluminum bleachers; before the stadium even opened, someone unbolted the seats and carried them away. In Scotland, the “Great Drain Robbery” involves shipping manhole covers to China. In India, eight people have died, falling into open manholes after their covers were stolen. In Baltimore, thieves cut down and carted away 136 aluminum lamp posts. In California thieves can remove a platinum-filled catalytic converter in ninety seconds. Copper? Stealing it is a growth industry all over the world, as it hits four bucks a pound- two years ago it was a buck and a quarter.’

“The Great Drain Robbery” — damn, that’s rich. Also at Treehugger, maybe a little bit of a bright side, about how the cost of fuel has eliminated the cost advantage of shipping product all over the world, thus (maybe) setting the stage for de-globalization. Not much of a silver lining, but hey.

Image: St. John receives his Revelation, by Burgkmair the Elder, from Wikipedia.

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