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I was recently tipped off that Opaque, a West Hollywood restaurant in which you eat in the dark, would be opening a San Francisco location on McAllister Street. Says Thrillist:

‘Originated in Zurich (not Germany, but pretty damn German), ‘dark dining’ robs patrons of their sight to heighten their other senses’ enjoyment of food and company; before SF, Opaque’s Berliner owner brought the concept to LA in the hopes that one day, Bret Michaels would grope a reality contestant in his restaurant (success!). Upon arrival, you’ll descend a staircase and select your 3-course meal in a lighted greeting area before being led into Opaque proper: a pitch black subterranean space with seating for 40, staffed by a team of legally blind servers as deft at navigating darkness as they are graciously enduring ”Wow, it must be crazy to be blind!”

What exactly does ‘Pretty damn German’ mean? Anyway, the location already has a Yelp entry (it’s in Hayes Valley, surprise!) and while it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, U cheerfully found the summary of ‘A La Cart,’ an episode of CSI in which somebody is stabbed to death at a restaurant called ‘Blind.’

As bizarre and wankish and gimmicky as is the idea of a restaurant where people eat in the dark, I confess to being fascinated by it. I don’t much like the light to begin with, you see.

Check it out at www.darkdining.com, which just loops through a stupid animated intro and won’t let you go anywhere or give you any information.


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