Royal Welcome for Devil May Care


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

This is rather ridiculous: From CNN:

‘A catsuited model in stiletto heels strode the deck of a British warship with Royal Navy helicopters roaring overhead. It was not a bout of naval hijinks, but the year’s most-hyped literary event — the publication of a new adventure for super-spy James Bond.

‘The larger-than-life launch Tuesday of the novel ‘Devil May Care’ proves that 100 years after the birth of 007 creator Ian Fleming, the Bond brand is stronger than ever.

‘A large crowd of journalists and onlookers gathered to watch model Tuuli Shipster, whose silhouette adorns the cover of the book’s British edition, bring the first published copies up the River Thames in a military speedboat before unpacking them aboard HMS Exeter, a destroyer moored near Tower Bridge.

”I can remember Uncle Ian’s books being delivered wrapped in brown paper and string by a postman on a bicycle,’ niece Lucy Fleming said as she stood on the destroyer’s gunmetal-gray deck. ‘The Royal Navy has upped the ante a little.’

‘Britain’s military appears happy to play up its ties to the fictional spy, who held the rank of Royal Navy commander before going to work for MI6. The navy loaned the Exeter and its 250-strong crew for an elaborate photo opportunity for ‘Devil May Care,’ written by Sebastian Faulks and published to mark Fleming’s 100th birthday on Wednesday.’

I think it’s all a tempest in a teapot, frankly, but the disturbing thing is that Faulks is writing as Ian Fleming. WTF? Like anyone who cares doesn’t know Fleming’s dead?

My friend, detective-novel expert and author Maxim Jakubowski noted on his Facebook blog that he was about to be interviewed on the radio to assess the merits, or lack thereof, of the new Bond book, just before he hopped a flight from London to Los Angeles, where he’ll appear in the LA edition of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In the Flesh.


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