Tom Robbins on Alleged Gambino Boss Jackie Nose in the Voice


Tom Robbins in the Village Voice:

‘For those who insist that New York’s Mafia is mainly a relic of the bad old past, consider this: The day job of the man currently alleged to be the acting boss of the Gambino crime family is top salesman for the city’s largest distributor of healthy and cutting-edge beverages.

‘That thirst-quenching bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water you plucked out of the deli cooler? That glass of sparkling Pellegrino? Those cute Adam & Eve juices? Those satisfying Mistic fruit drinks? Those wonderful bottled waters now a staple of a healthy lifestyle—Crystal Geyser? Saratoga Spring? Iceland Spring? Those cool, wacky drinks like Muscle Milk, Tazo Tea, Organic Yerba Maté?

‘Chances are that the order for these pleasing and beneficial beverages was made through a company known as Big Geyser Inc. that boasts 300 employees and operates out of a mammoth warehouse facility in Maspeth, Queens. And from his desk right there five days a week—or at least until the FBI locked him up back in February on an extortion rap—sat John “Jackie Nose” D’Amico, working the phones to help bring these superb products to you.’

Image: FBI mug shot of John D’Amico, from Wikipedia.

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