Marina Orlova, Sexy Geek

Marina Orlova, Sexy Geek

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Apparently Marina Orlova, aka HotForWords, is the “#1 Guru on YouTube,” and is consistently the “most watched channel on ALL of YouTube as well” — probably not because she’s a philologist, though that’s actually why I watched her video on the origin of the word geek.

She is claimed by her bio to be from “The Capital of the Republic of Lexicon.” Her hometown is said to be “Etymologia.” One thing’s for sure, for an English-language philologist she sure has one hell of an Eastern Bloc accent. She hosts a bi-weekly show on the Sirius Satellite Maxim Radio show, so I’m sure she’s 100% authentic, really a philologist, and not at all some chick hired by Maxim to pretend to be smart in the interest of securing the high-value eyeballs of geeks with credit cards and six or eight brain cells to rub together. The fact that she does not disclose her philological training or education is not at all suspicious.

Speaking of which, the comments on her Geek video are truly disturbing: “you have the fakest cleavege ever. slut. nobody gives a shit about your fucking language lessons,” “you would be sexy if you wern’t dressed like a prozzie,” and more, including a buttload of porn spam. Why do men, after watching a YouTube video of a hot chick, feel obligated to berate her for being a hot chick? And then, in some cases, ALSO berate her for giving a language lesson? What is a sexy philologist to do?

See her bizarrely prurient YouTube page, kind of but not really safe for work, and be sure to check out her site if you have time and six brain cells to rub together.


One Response to “Marina Orlova, Sexy Geek”

  1. matthew Says:

    Marina ❤ haters

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