Napa Winery Installs Flotovoltaic Array

Napa Winery Installs Flotovoltaic Array

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Napa Valley winery Far Niente has installed Sharp’s “floatovoltaic” system, a relatively new type of solar power array that allows the winery to save land space. From a press release:

“Far Niente’s Floatovoltaic system involved securing nearly 1,000 Sharp solar panels on pontoons, then floating the pontoons on the winery’s vineyard irrigation pond. Combined with a section of another 1,300 panels located on land adjacent to the pond, the array is generating 400 kWs at peak output, significantly offsetting the winery’s annual power usage and provide a net-zero energy bill.”

Image from renewableenergyworld. Item via Engadget.


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