This Is Why I Never Go To Reno


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

….or Oroville, or use Craigslist — it’s dangerous. This is from back in January on, the website of one of the TV stations I used to watch growing up in Sacramento, where weird stuff apparently happens, not to get all morbid or nothing.

“A Michigan woman is under arrest after being accused of using Craigslist to find someone to kill a Northern California woman….Federal investigators said 49-year-old Ann Marie Linscott contacted several people through

“On two occasions, she offered $5,000 to “eradicate” an Oroville woman…. It turns out Linscott was having an online affair with the woman’s husband, investigators said.

“Special agent Steve Dupre from the Federal Bureau of Investigation said the victim’s husband said he first met Linscott face-to-face when he went to Reno, Nev., in July 2005 for a conference, and that Linscott also visited him in Butte County in May 2007.

“The two had sexual relations while they were in Reno, the FBI said.”


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