What to Drive For the Apocalypse?

My 1985 Honda Civic CRX

Originally uploaded by Bill on Capitol Hill

Wired’s Autopia puts in a vote for the Hoda CRX as the ultimate “apocalypsemobile,” which is to say the car to drive for the coming apocalypse, which they blame on George W. Bush. To wit:

The 1989 Honda CRX HF would seem to be your best bet: It’s a zippy little thing, as any of the SCCA members who race one will attest, and it’s 1.5-liter four-banger gets up to 50 miles per gallon. The CRX engine’s reliability is legend, and that hatchback looks mighty convenient for quick pickups of useful highway detritus (you never know when there might be zombies around).

I consider this question more than is probably healthy for me, but they’re full of it on three counts: First, the photo is of a 1985 CRX, a popular car my last year of high school; second, how the f*!@#! is anybody supposed to run a petroleum engine without any gas — the scarcities of the Road Warrior seem positively charming compared with the impending oil crash — and, perhaps most importantly, George W. Bush, for all his many crimes — and they are many, don’t misunderstand me — cannot claim all the responsibility for this impending doom hurtling upon us. What is he, Dr. Evil or something?

2 Responses to “What to Drive For the Apocalypse?”

  1. KM Says:

    Yes, he is Dr. Evil or something.

  2. thomasroche Says:

    Well, he is evil, vastly evil, could almost not be more evil, but I can’t blame him for EVERYfrickin’ thing that’s wrong with the world. I can’t believe I am defending George W. Bush… OK, I am going to stop now, I concede the point, everything is his fault and he sucks.

    KM, love your blog, by the way!

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