Stranded Divers Had to Fight Off Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

From CNN — how often do you hear about real-life dragon fighting? Thankfully, there was no dragon slaying involved; hopefully the dragon was none the worse for wear.

Five Europeans rescued Saturday after an Indonesia diving trip went wrong had to fight off a Komodo dragon while they were waiting to be found, according to reports.

The group was found at Mantaolan, which is on the island of Rinca off the Komodo National Park, after going missing on Thursday.

The divers — three Britons, a Frenchman and a Swede — spent two nights on the deserted island which is home to the large Komodo dragon before rangers found them Saturday.

Frenchman Laurent Pinel, 31, said the group had to fight off one dragon with rocks and scavenged for shellfish as they waited to be rescued, Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

“On the beach a Komodo dragon came amongst us yesterday [Friday] afternoon,” Pinel said, describing how the group had to pelt the dangerous reptile with rocks to scare it away.

Image: from Wikipedia.

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