Rising Seas Lead Dutch Entrepreneur to Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Interesting article from NPR on a Dutch guy specializing in building floating structures in Dubai, due to rising seas from global warming:

Paul van de Camp moved to Dubai from Holland because of that “anything is possible” spirit. He isn’t interested in skiing in the desert, but he has opened an office in Dubai to try to sell an equally bold concept: building on water. His company, Dutch Docklands, specializes in floating structures.

Constructing floating houses or restaurants or even villages is an idea that first came to him in his native Holland, where land to build on is scarce and water is plentiful.


One Response to “Rising Seas Lead Dutch Entrepreneur to Dubai”

  1. Shaili Says:

    To, Paul van de Camp. Hi I am Shaili Bhavsar, interior Architect. I would like to see your work or if you can direct me to your website as the floating structure and such concepts mainly interest me. I am a visiting design faculty at a college in India and I take a creative design workshop on form developements, material explorations and possibilities of going beyond and thinking about the repercussion which we might have to face in future because of global warming.

    Would be glad to see work from your point of view.


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