Hummer Sales Crashing

Hummer Sales Crashing

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From Trehugger:

Remember how GM’s Hummer used to be the toast of the town among Hollywood glitterati and certain high placed politicians? It turns out the past few years (and ever-rising gas prices) haven’t been kind to its fortunes — as the LAT’s Dan Neil chronicles in a piece appropriately entitled “Requiem for a heavyweight?” Mike also reported on Hummer’s imminent downfall a few months ago; GM has said it will terminate production in 2014.

I don’t know whether to have hope for my species that people are finally getting a clue, or digust that it took this long. Oh, and today gas is $4 a gallon, which is supposedly some kind of a national average or something — in California, at least in the SF Bay Area, it’s closer to $5. That’s partially because California requires gas to be CARfg, or “California Reformulated Gasoline,” which is only produced by 13 refineries.

Oh, and did you know that in fact, when you figure inflation into the mix, gas was not at an all-time high until 2006? Until then, 1981 offered the yearly average inflation-adjusted high.

Now’s the time to remember H.G. Wells, whose comic novel The Wheels of Chance concerned the profound social changes brought about in the 1890s by the popularization of the bicycle. He once said: “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”

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