Mafia Could Steal Biometric IDs reports on a Cambridge professor’s claim that the Mob will steal thousands of biometric IDs.

“Plans for biometric identity cards and a national ID database will play into the hands of Mafia bosses, MPs have been warned.

“Crime bosses would get hold of a person’s unique fingerprint data and capture his or her identity forever, said Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering at Cambridge University.

“In evidence quoted by a new Commons report, he says: ‘There is a fundamental security engineering problem with biometrics as opposed to the cryptographic keys in your chip and pin card.’

“‘Once your biometrics become compromised, you cannot revoke them. It is not practical to do eye or finger transplants.’

“‘Once you start using biometrics on a very wide scale, for all sorts of everyday transactions, the Mafia will also have your biometrics.'”


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