San Diego Zoo Crypto Campaign

San Diego Zoo Crypto Campaign

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Berlin, whom I was lucky enough to meet when she was at the Armory last month, sent me a link to this awesome campaign from the San Diego Zoo showing Unicorn, Gryphon and Sea Serpent live webcams — “If they’re not here, they probably don’t exist.”

Love it, and it reminds me of the Mythic Creatures exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (this post now has dead images and, sadly, has lost its Lovecraftian speculum– bummer), about which I was curmudgeonly, as i my wont. I am less curmudgeonly now. That same exhibit has now moved to Chicago’s amazing Field Museum.

Back to SD: This definitely makes me more excited about hitting the SD Zoo when in town for Comic Con next month. Live hot unicorns on webcam? I’m there.


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