Associated Press: Unicorn Found in Italy

Associated Press: Unicorn Born in Italy

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From Scientific American comes a report of a unicorn in Italy:

The Associated Press reports that a deer sporting a single, unicornlike horn has turned up in a nature preserve near Florence, Italy. The one-year-old roe deer was born in captivity in a park maintained by the Center of Natural Sciences in the Tuscan town of Prato. Researchers say the creature’s single antler, which pokes up like a cowlick from the middle of its head, may be the result of a genetic anomaly—although its twin has two horns, the AP reports.

Image also from Associated Press


One Response to “Associated Press: Unicorn Found in Italy”

  1. Zille Says:

    They should breed it! Unicorns should exist! (Not that one would come near me, but anyway, they should exist nonetheless!)

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